Wix vs Squarespace

Wix vs Squarespace, two very similar website builders that can help you design your dream website in just minutes. These are the two most popular platforms for designing a website using a site builder and today we are going to find the winner.

After all, we talk about Squarespace who owns over 22.56% market share and Wix who has 21.38%. This translate into millions of customers worldwide and a lot of happy people.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Between Wix and Squarespace

I know that you want to build a website that fits your needs, to customize it according to your view and to make it as profitable as possible.

Still, there are some other things that you need to take into consideration so that your goal can come to fruition.

We look for the following features when analyzing Wix and Squarespace:

Number of features & tools – how many features each platform has and how easy they are to use. We want to build blogs, create online stores, build artist pages or sell online subscriptions. Can these two platforms help?

Support – when your website starts to grow and things become more interesting you get stuck with an issue you can't seem to resolve. What do you do then? You call support! Can you call support? Are there any options?

Pricing and value for money – These two are pretty affordable website builders but we need to take into consideration how much can we squeeze out of what we pay.

Ease of use – The website builder needs to be intuitive and easy to use. We want you to be able to create beautiful-looking websites even if you haven't created one before.

Security – If you decide that you want to collect user data, build an online store and enable user registration is essential to know that all of that is on safe hands and hackers can't break your site.

These are just some of the essential subjects that we treat in the chapters of this article. Now let's proceed with what makes each platform special in its own way.

What Makes Squarespace a Great Option?

Squarespace is the website builder with most users out there, as I said earlier, they have a whooping 22.56% market share which is huge!

The reason why they got so popular is due to flawless services, impressive designs (see themes) and customer service.

When you talk about Squarespace you think about a clean, professional environment which underlines attention to details and perfection. Squarespace is not very different from Apple in that sense.

At Squarespace you'll find one of the greatest blogging platforms of all website builders and a resourceful AI that can assist you with designing your website.

Besides that, Squarespace always brings up top step by step webinars and help guides that inspire and help you move improve business.

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What Makes Wix a Great Option?

Wix is a complete website builder that integrates a drag and drop page designer. They offer a large variety of themes (500 themes) and include their own artificial intelligence called ADI (the Artificial Design Intelligence).

ADI will help you set up your website by answering just a few questions on how you plan your website to look like and behave.

Wix is the number one solution for millions of customers worldwide, people who love and trust the website builder everyday with their project.

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Pricing & Value for Money

Compared to other site builders of this caliber Wix and Squarespace both have affordable pricing plans.

It is the value for money that interests us and that's what we aim to clarify for you.

Pricing Plans on Wix

Wix has a wide range of pricing plans and they all get split from two main categories: Website Plans and eCommerce & Business plans. Besides that, on Wix you can build a website for free and aren't required to upgrade if you don't want to while on Squarespace there's only a 14-day Trial.

The Website Plans are 4, ranging from a basic plan which only allows you to add a domain name to a package called VIP that offers 20 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, free domain and priority support.

These are usually more than enough for the daily users who don't have thousands of pages and thousands of images.

The Business & eCommerce plans go even further enhancing the options to fit large businesses and online stores.

These range from $17 / month (Business VIP) to $35 / month (Business Basic). All the Business packages are ready for eCommerce and allow you to accept payments, they also offer $75 in Ad Vouchers and include the Site Booster App valued at $60.

The main differences between Business Basic and Business VIP is the storage space 20 GB vs 50 GB on VIP, priority and VIP support on VIP and unlimited video hours.

For a simple website with just a few pages I recommend getting the Combo package ($8.50 / month). It has 2GB of bandwidth, 3GB of storage, you get a free domain and also $75 in ad vouchers.

SquareSpace Pricing Plans

Just like Wix, Squarespace offers 4 pricing plans. The price expands and the number of features grows with it.

On Squarespace there's no free plan…the smallest one starts at $12 and the largest one is $40. However, Squarespace stands out by not limiting the storage space or the number of pages.

Compared to Wix, the basic plan (Personal) offers way more features and way more value for money.

The largest package on Squarespace is called Advanced Commerce ($40 / month) and is available for large businesses requiring additional resources and eCommerce features.

Between the two we have the Business plan ($18 / month) and the Basic Commerce ($26 / month).

Both of them support eCommerce functionality but the business plan isn't as advanced as the Basic Commerce one. In the Business package you also get checkout on your domain, products on Instagram, customer accounts and point of sale.

Winner: Squarespace

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Ease of Use

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly solution to help you set up your website, then you probably can't make a better choice than these two. Both Wix and Squarespace have fantastic user interfaces which are highly intuitive and clean.

They make the process of creating a website a child's play and every step of the way you have guidance and documentation.

Wix is a genius in terms of simplifying the designing process. It offers two options, the "classic" editor or using the AI solution called Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). This one will create your website from scratch based on the answers you provide.

It will ask you what type of website you want to build and what's the primary use for it. The result will be ready in just a minute and you can grow from that.

The Wix Editor will appear right after you choose your desired template and you can start adding, removing or modifying content elements directly on the website. The design is very intuitive and you simply click on the element and change the values in the left-side area.

Simply hover an element like the header of the website for instance and you will see that all options appear. Click on the plus button to add a new element right after the current one or choose the three dots to duplicate, move or delete that element.

You will see that all elements will get a blue highlight effect on hover and that is to let you know that the element is the one selected. Click on Edit to change the values or on Design to change the format of that element.

Also, on highlight you will see the arrow keys on the right of that element. They will allow you to move elements up or down the page.

Now let's talk about Squarespace

Squarespace has a pretty common-sense drag and drop editor which is as straight-forward as possible.

To create a page, you simply select the "Pages" item from the home menu and then choose a template that you like. You can choose to keep the demo content and build upon it or remove it, but keep the layout of the template.

Then you start adding content blocks on which you add your preferred content type. Double click the content type and add your text, images or video.

You can choose from a large variety of content blocks like: social media, links, images, videos, RSS feeds, audio, blog posts etc.

The content blocks are draggable and you can combine them to create a custom layout.

To modify menus or the order of the pages in your site you need to go in the Pages Panel and click on the plus right to the Main Navigation. To change the name and description of the page, social image, SEO or advanced options you'll need to click the cog icon available right of the page name.

Winner: Wix

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Features and Tools

What makes the two website builders stand out from the competition is their extensive collection of features and tools.

Both of them come packed with the ultimate "Swiss Army Knife" designed to help you build astonishing websites that work.

Wix for instance has a drag and drop editor, an arsenal of over 500 themes, cutting-edge SEO tools, media features and unlimited fonts.

They bind all that with an exceptional AI system called ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) which takes your website ideas and brings a full website in just few minutes.

Another major thing that stands out in the Wix features list is Corvid, a way for web developers to gain more creative freedom and access Wix APIs.

To top it all, Wix offers support for eCommerce, online booking systems, events, music, media and member login.

Squarespace isn't far behind, but this website builder uses a different approach. They are more targeted on offering a great presentation, a landing page type of website.

This means Squarespace doesn't offer as many features as Wix but they got things covered from a technical stand point so you can focus on building your site.

Still, is important to mention that they offer some of the best SEO tools out there. (SSL, sitemap, schema markup, clean HTML, mobile-friendly themes etc).

They are also pretty great in terms of helping a beginner to design a website and to achieve this they use an AI solution. Besides that, on Squarespace you'll find one of the greatest eCommerce site builder, ways to create booking systems, write blog articles and plenty of content blocks that can be customized according to your needs.

Winner: Wix – While Squarespace is quite equipped in terms of features, Wix offers more.

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SEO and Performance

Once your website gets online is very important to harness an audience. This will decide how well your site is doing and how many products you sell. The best channel for bringing quality traffic that generates sales is by far SEO.

This is basically traffic from search engines like Google and usually translates into visitors that have the buying intent…unlike those from social media or other traffic sources.

SEO on Wix – Can You Rank Well on Wix?

To keep things simple: yes. However, Wix is great for core SEO which means basic SEO customization. When it comes to advanced SEO options like schema, structured data or sitemaps things get a little tricky.

On the other hand, Wix brings up great performance and optimization, free SSL, canonical tag support, 301 redirects and mobile / responsive design that loads fast.

All these are way more important than sitemaps and schema so we give it a big thumbs up.

They also include a step by step, comprehensive SEO guide to help you start.

Squarespace SEO – Is it That Good?

Squarespace does pretty good in this area and unlike Wix it also offers XML sitemaps. It has great performance, clean code and fast loading web pages.

All the themes on Squarespace are optimized for SEO and they are fully responsive (mobile-friendly).

Besides that, Squarespace encompasses automated tagging, clean URLs, automatic redirects, AMP support (Google AMP) and structured data.

Squarespace also has its own SEO checklist and guide before launching a website.

Winner: Squarespace

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Flexibility & Scalability

When you build a website for you or your business you always need to see the future of that project and how far you can go. Squarespace is a popular solution among brands and small businesses and Wix isn't that far away either.

Is Wix Scalable?

If there's one thing people enjoy about Wix is the fact that it offers you the creative freedom. Unlike most website builders out there, Wix allows you to customize pages 100% and makes few steps towards enabling code editing as well.

To sustain this effort, Wix implemented Corvid, an open platform designed to allow developers to access Wix APIs.

Besides that, it is important to mention that Wix has 500 themes while Squarespace only has 70. This gives you more freedom to choose.

Can you scale on Wix?

While their free package is designed mainly to help you make an idea what Wix is all about, the Business plans seem quite promising. Still, remember that Wix is a hosted website builder and the access to more resources is limited.

We do believe that the Business & eCommerce (the golden options at Wix) are more than enough for the majority of users. With that being said, you can build a website with few thousand pages and maybe few hundred products…but that's it.

Squarespace in Terms of Flexibility and Growth Potential

The Squarespace editor isn't like on Wix where you can drag elements anywhere on the page. Instead, on Squarespace you have a structured editor which only allows you to drag and drop items on a grid.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing per se, but it can limit your creative freedom. On the other hand, this approach can ensure that your website is always following web development guidelines and user experience recommendations.

Can you scale a Squarespace website?

Squarespace offers unlimited storage and bandwidth even on their smallest plan. This means that you don't have to worry about how many images you upload or how many pages you create.

Winner: Squarespace

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Design Options & Themes

Wix Themes

On Wix you will find over 500 themes ranging from Business to Photography, Restaurants & Food, Travel, Blogging to Communities and Education.

The even better part about Wix themes is that you can also find plenty of solutions to create a landing page that converts. Their ready-to-go "Landing Page" themes will do an exceptional job for someone who needs a quick landing page setup.

Squarespace Themes

If there's something that makes Squarespace special is the collection of themes they have in store for you. They don't offer as many themes as Wix (just 70), but they look astonishing and they are fully customizable.

Winner: Draw

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Use Cases

I know that you want to build a website, but wouldn't it be nice if your website builder could support more things than you initially expected from it? You may never know when you decide to transform your portfolio or photography website into a membership website, for instance.

This is when a multi-functional website builder becomes quite handy.

Wix is the type of website builder that gives you the growth potential that many other alternatives can't offer. Thanks to a variety of features you will see some successful examples of sites.

With Wix you can build a restaurant website, a food and travel blog, a portfolio website or a photography business site. You can also start blogging on Wix and you can invite people to become members of your site. Since it is eCommerce-ready, you can start selling physical or digital products on Wix.

The platform also supports memberships and subscription-based websites so if you are thinking about a members-only website, then you can do it. You can start your online course program and only give access to paying customers.

Squarespace is also a versatile solution which people choose for building astonishing-looking websites or landing pages. It is mostly used for product presentation because all websites look so sharp and crisp.

However, Squarespace can be used to build an online store or a membership website as well. It has exceptional blogging features included in the editor and content blocks that can do it all.

Winner: Wix because they can be used on more projects than Squarespace.

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Customer Support Options

At Wix.com you'll find multiple support options ranging from a dedicated Support Center to email and forums. They also offer phone support which is available 24/7 in English and on different schedules for French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages.

You can also request chat support from the Wix Contact Form. A pretty nice feature to have is the Wix integration of their support widget in the content editing area. This way, if you have questions or concerns you can search in the knowledge-base or get in touch with a customer support member.

Squarespace does a brilliant job in terms of providing support for their customers. They have a comprehensive knowledge-base, community forums and they even host webinars for web design and development.

Besides that, you can get in touch with their staff using a live chat or you can learn from their easy to follow video materials.

In the live chat box, you'll be welcomed by a smart AI solution which asks you what you need and then takes you to the right department.

Winner: Draw

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Widgets and Content Elements

The building blocks of these site builders are called widgets or in Squarespace's case they are called Content Blocks. In Wix's case these are called Elements, but they are essentially the same thing.

These are tiny content blocks designed to fulfill certain tasks like: contact forms, pie charts, tag clouds, search forms, social sharing bars etc. They execute certain features without requiring any coding on your part.

These tiny blocks can decide how far your website is able to go and how well the builder fits into your requirement list.

In Wix you have elements categorized so you simply select what you need from the editor and start "drawing". These include:

  • Content boxes and dividers
  • Strips
  • Video
  • Shapes
  • Contact forms
  • Lists
  • Buttons
  • Image galleries
  • Text elements
  • Menu items

In Squarespace blocks are the foundation of your website's content. Whenever you want to add an image, a video or simply a text box, you first need to lay out a content block.

These blocks are created using a drag and drop interface and they can be merged to create a full-fledged layout for your page. The content blocks are resizable and you can change their position on the page according to your needs.

Types of content blocks on Squarespace

  • Image
  • Video
  • Newsletter
  • Social Links
  • RSS
  • Button
  • Tag Cloud
  • Search box
  • Summary
  • Twitter
  • Map
  • Flickr
  • Audio
  • Calendar

These are just to name a few. You can also get some more by installing Squarespace apps.

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Is well-known that content marketing is an essential activity that helps you grow an audience. We highly recommend you to start a blog and both Wix and Squarespace have great support for writing and publishing content. Of course, they don't include as many features as WordPress, but mainly for journaling or sharing your thoughts is more than enough.

Wix makes it easy to blog, they offer a clean environment for writing but the platform limits the number of features you can embed in your posts. I mean, you can add images, videos, HTML code and gifs or even a image gallery, but that may be quite limiting at times.

The blog feature needs to be activated as an app from the Add section in your site editor. Once you activate it, you can manage it exactly as web page. Highlight sections and edit them.

To add a new blog post, click on Manage blog and then the Create New Post button on top.

When you are done creating you click publish and that's it!

The Squarespace blogging experience on the other hand is fantastic! They have methods for you to insert text content, images and videos but they also support the same content blocks from the page editors.

This means you can add quotes, embed audio, create forms and even insert Google Maps or newsletter forms in your articles.

They also include a real time commenting system and allow you to create and organize blog posts in tags and categories. You can even add featured images for social media posting and have plenty of SEO settings at your disposal.

Winner: Squarespace

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Security & PCI Compliance

Nothing is more frustrating than working on a website for days, months and seeing all your work go to waste thanks to hackers. It happened to me and is awful, but not on Wix or Squarespace! Fortunately, both Wix and Squarespace are like vaults.

This is probably one of the main things why hosted website builders have a massive advantage over custom content management systems.

They are sustained by experts in security measures and server configuration and always have a large staff that keeps things under radar.

Wix is PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant and adds another level of security to all domains via SSL (Secured Socket Layer) or the https that you see before each domain with the green lock.

The Squarespace security is also at the highest possible level thanks to a security team that controls every process and procedure that takes place on the server-side.

Squarespace is PCI-DSS compliant and they secure domains using SSLs as well.

Winner: Draw

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eCommerce Capabilities

Neither Wix nor Squarespace were built for online stores initially so they aren't the best options on the market right now. However, they can definitely simplify this task for you offering some of the most intuitive product page designers out there.

Our recommendation is to use Squarespace or Wix only for small-size stores that don't require too much resources and management.

You can also start small with both platforms and upgrade to an eCommerce plan whenever is needed.

Squarespace for eCommerce

Squarespace offers support for artists who want to sell their music, art or people who want to sell a subscription, an eBook or a physical product.

What makes their eCommerce module so great is the recurring payment method that fits perfectly into membership websites.

They also include payment gateways via PayPal and Apple Pay and offer integrations for Xero, FedEx, ShipStation and the United States Postal Service.

Winner: Draw

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Wix vs Squarespace – Which One is the Better Website Builder?

As you can see, these two are quite similar in terms of features, support and editor but we give the following verdict:

Wix is the right solution for those who need more features, more flexibility and are looking for an easy way to build a website.

It has way more themes than Squarespace and it allows you to design with ease using ADI. On the downside, the editor becomes quite sluggish if you have thousands of pages.

It includes better ecommerce capabilities than Squarespace and also includes a free package, unlike Squarespace.

Squarespace is the brilliant solution for those who require landing pages or blogs. It is a great solution that promotes sleek designs. It has few limitations and that is why we don't recommend it for everyone.

On the other hand, it offers top performance and SEO capabilities.

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Comparison Table

Feature Wix SquareSpace
Free plan
Ease of use 4* 5*
Design & layout options 5* 5*
Features 5* 5*
SEO & performance 5* 5*
Value for Money 5* 4*

Wix vs SquareSpace Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should use Wix?

    Wix is a great solution for those who need a bit more flexibility and access to more features. We also recommend it for beginners. Unlike Squarespace, Wix allows you to move content everywhere on the page, it includes way more themes and it is a better option in terms of pricing plans.

  • Who should use Squarespace?

    Squarespace is like the Apple of website builders. While it may not give you as many features as the competitors, it strives to offer perfect solutions.

    Squarespace is the solution recommended for people who want to present a clean, business appearance, but don't necessarily think about customization options and the sea of functionality. Simple, precise objective, great presentation.

  • What website builder is recommended for general website uses?

    Wix. It offers more features and is way more suitable for creating general purpose websites.

  • Which website builder is better for blogging?

    Squarespace. It offers way more functionality and makes it easier for people to start a blog than Wix.

  • Which website builder offers better design options?

    Squarespace has become popular for the beautiful themes they provide. All themes look sharp and professional, but there are only 70 of them.

    Wix on the other hand offers over 500 themes that you can choose from.

  • Which website builder is better in terms of value for money?

    Wix because they offer more features, more themes and more options for you to build your website. Besides that, Wix includes a free plan to test their features while Squarespace does not.

  • Can I use my own domain with Wix or Squarespace?

    Yes, you can use it even if its from another domain provider. The platform will guide you through the process of connecting the domain with your website when you start.